Building a Business Case for AP Automation

How to Propel Your Project to the Top of the List

Using ERPs and business applications is a great way to better organize and control accounts payable (AP) invoicing. However, AP and finance managers understand that more is needed to reduce manual pains and achieve optimal process efficiency.

The solution to the problem is well known — AP Automation — the challenge is selling it internally.

This webinar shows you how to get past the biggest obstacle to AP automation — upper management — and ensure your project hits the ground running. You will learn effective ways to make the business case to your company’s key decision makers and gain an in-depth understanding of how AP automation:

  • Increases employee productivity and early payment discounts
  • Enables access to valuable AP analytics to better manage working capital
  • Reduces risk and resource requirements for the IT department
  • Supports regulatory compliance and boosts supplier satisfaction
Start building your business case for AP Automation — watch the webinar on demand!