AP Automation as a SaaS Solution

Why It's Crazy Not to Go to the Cloud

accounts-payable-automationAccounts Payable Automation as a cloud-based solution is all the hype, but do you really understand how it works?

The purpose of this guidebook is to paint a clear picture of the advantages that AP automation as a cloud service can offer companies both large and small. Topics include:

  • Benefits of accounts payable automation
  • Advantages of AP automation as a SaaS solution
  • Debunking the top 5 myths of AP automation in the cloud
  • Comparing on-premises versus a SaaS model
  • A success story from a cloud AP automation customer

There's a lot to learn, but this isn't a textbook. Rather, it's a handy resource that allows busy people to get acquainted with a beneficial and often overlooked technology in a short amount of time.