Top 3 Accounts Receivable Team Challenges

and Strategies to Strengthen Customer Relationships

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Streamlining End-To-End O2C Processes For Mid Markets
Date: Thursday, May 4th
Time: 3:00 ET/ 12:00 PT
Presenters: Chris Quass, Esker & Pete Uselman, Wind River

Thanks for your interest in the upcoming “Top 3 Challenges Accounts Receivable Teams and Strategies to Strengthen Customer Relationships” webinar!

Despite its vital importance, AR is consistently one of the most under-resourced and operationally outdated business processes. We know and understand your challenges! In this live presentation, we will discuss how manual collections management ultimately leads to unsatisfied customers and the inability to collect on accounts.

Discover how an automated solution with a self-service payment portal helps promote a more customer-first collections strategy by:

  • Freeing up staff to spend more time serving customers
  • Boosting customer satisfaction thanks to an easily implemented payment portal
  • Providing analytics into billing & collections performance

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