Improving Customer Service and Fulfillment with Order Processing Automation

Research from Gartner with Exclusive Insight

Today, supply chain and customer service leaders have their work cut out for them trying to compete in a highly competitive landscape. As a result, more and more companies are putting a premium on speed, savings and customer experience within their order management operations. The use of order processing automation is an effective and proven solution to facilitate these objectives.

Some real-life results Esker has helped organizations achieve include:

  • 55% lower order processing costs

  • 99.6% order entry accuracy rate

  • 50% reduction in average number of steps to process a fax/email

  • 130,000 pages of paper associated with order processing saved annually 

  • 60% reduction of labor overhead in order entry

  • 40% increase in electronic throughput rate

If order processing automation is something your organization could benefit from, this newsletter is a great starting point for your improvement process.